Clinton says she wants to go beyond `Buffett rule’ on taxes

Posted By: KLKN Newsroom

OMAHA, Neb. (AP)

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton says she wants to build upon the so-called “Buffett rule” pushed by the Obama administration to require higher taxes from the wealthy.

With billionaire investor Warren Buffett by her side at a campaign rally in Omaha Wednesday, she said the country’s tax policies need to go further in order to “reshuffle the deck.”

Buffett was the namesake for a push by the Obama administration to seek higher taxes on those earning $1 million or more.

Clinton said: “Warren is 100 percent right, as usual.”

The famed investor says he would be “delighted” to see Clinton take the oath of office.

Clinton was campaigning in deep-red Nebraska, which is holding its caucus on March 5th.

Clinton jokes she wants Democrats to tell their Republican friends, “I don’t have horns.”