Close Call for Lincoln Family

A scary reminder today for a Lincoln family on how dangerous it can be cooking that turkey dinner.

It's more common than you think.

Fires flaring up when cooking that holiday meal.

“Little cooking experience gone bad I guess.”

Hollis Patterson of Lincoln had planned to deep fry his turkey for Thanksgiving dinner but those plans changed drastically when the grease in that fryer caught fire.

“At the time I came out the whole garage was like on fire and so thinking quickly I told everyone to get out of the house.”

Battalion Chief Pat Borer with Lincoln Fire and Rescue says it's a call they've responded to numerous times and a situation that can be seen in homes across the country.

“Deep fryer fires because an average of five deaths, 60 injuries and more than 15 million dollars in property damage each year.”

In most of those cases Borer says the fires get started because someone's not paying close enough attention or not leaving the deep frying machine outside.

“If you are going to use one you have to watch it closely so it means you have to go out in the cold,” says Borer.

Luckily for Patterson and his family they escaped with little damage and had a spare turkey in the oven.

Patterson says this Thanksgiving they really do have something to be grateful for.

“Still gonna eat, still gonna have fun; no one got hurt.”

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