Closed hotel finds new owners in one day

By: Melina Matthes

Two dozen people staying at a Lincoln hotel were kicked out as the owner decided to close shop.

Nearly 25 people were left wondering where they were gong to stay last night after the hotel was unable to pay their bills.  Now a new owner is taking over.

Hotel closed.  In one hour those staying at the Guest House International had to get out.

After the previous owner started having financial troubles, Lami Enterprises decided to take over.  They were scheduled to change ownership May 1, 2012; however, it happened overnight.  Even the employees were left without jobs.

Tami Wardyn, a spokesperson for Lami Enterprises, said, “Right now everybody was let go as of yesterday from their previous employment and we are re-interviewing and hiring new employees and rehiring the ones back that we decide to keep.”

Guests staying in the hotel relocated for the night–to a hotel managed by the previous owner.

Jamie Spradley is a loyal customer who has hosted several gatherings at the hotel.

“We've had a couple here before,” she said, “It's always been nice and we do the pool party and they probably have one of the best pools in Lincoln.”

In less than two weeks, Spradley is hosting a party for her 7-year-old son's birthday at the hotel.  When she found out it was closing, she panicked.

“We've sent all our invitations last week, we're already getting reservations,” she said.  “I almost thought I'd have to call everybody and tell them we either had to 1) cancel or 2) had to change everything.”

In the end, the new owners saved the day.  They reassured her everything will be ready to go for her sons party.

The new owners plan to make the hotel more family oriented.  They said they're going to make several renovations including cleaning up the holodoom in the pool area and adding a new hot tub.