Facebook update may be to blame for apartment burglary

By: Cole Miller

Be careful what you put on Facebook.  A Lincoln college student found that out, the hard way.

The student came home this morning from vacation to find his apartment burglarized. And police say the popular social networking site could be to blame. Coming home from much needed vacation can be tough, but 18-year-old James Price never expected this welcome back.

“I unlocked the door and it was kind of hard to open. Somebody stuck a chair in the front of it so I couldn't get in,” Price said.

Price was finally able to get in. That's when he noticed his 42 inch flat screen TV, Playstation 3 and other items had been stolen. Whoever did it came through this unlocked window.  Price remembers his reaction.

“Like shocked, like, “What did I do to deserve this?” Price said.

He left town Saturday to visit family back in Florida.  Not thinking much of it, he posted that on Facebook. It could've been a costly status update.

“We discourage posting your location online. Not only does it tell people where you are, but it tells people where you are not, which is at home,” Officer Katie Flood said.

Price says he can't think of anyone off the top of his head who could've done this. But isn't ruling out the possibility that the website could have played a role.

“I do have friends on there that I really don't know to well. But, it's probably not a good thing because Facebook is easy access for people to know a lot of stuff about you that you don't want them to know,” Price said.

From now on, he says he'll wait til he gets back to share the details from his trips. Police say Facebook isn't the only site that can lead to these potential problems. Sites like Foursquare and Twitter can do the same.