College students urge peers to vote

By: Megan Palera

College aged students are dealing with one of the highest unemployment rates in the country. It's why a group of UNL students say it's time to be the voice for change.

Inside the Delta Tau Delta Fraternity, Andrew LaGrone urges his college peers to register to vote.

“We really feel that this moment is so imperative because it is our future. It's not Barack Obama's future and it's not any politicians future – it's the future of this generation,” Lagrone said.

Chairman of the Nebraska Federation of College Republicans, LaGrone is on a mission to educate students about the importance of voting, especially in this election.

The current unemployment rate for people ages 18 to 24 is more than 15%. And the nation's student loan debt exceeds one trillion dollars.

“What we're looking at – what this generation is looking at – is that we're not having the promise of America that was there for our parents,” LaGrone said.

Since launching their “Our Moment. Our Future” campaign this month, the NFCR has more than tripled the number of college registered voters both in the state and at UNL. Through call nights, social media and meetings, they've inspired students to let their voices be heard.

And no matter which presidential candidate you favor, LaGrone say the important thing is to vote.

“If we get through school right now, if these issues aren't fixed, what are you getting through school for? For a massive debt load and no job. That's not the America we know. That's the America we were promised. We need to change that.” LaGrone said.

The last day to register to vote in Nebraska is October 26th.