College View residents celebrate their neighborhood

By: Kayla Bremer

A unique area of Lincoln rallied together to celebrate their what makes their neighborhood the best neighborhood…at least, in their eyes.  Live music, a car show and games took over the Union College campus Sunday. Residents and surrounding businesses wanted to celebrate what they call home.

Union College Campus was buzzing but not with students heading to class. Instead people from the neighborhood and businesses came together for the first celebration.

“I am so pleased that they're having it. I think that it's a wonderful thing. The weather was perfect!” Resident Shirley Welch said.

“Man I think they ought to do it every year. It's neat! This is a neat campus,” Resident Roger Stearns said.

The College View neighborhood association provided live music and a car show for people to come out and enjoy.

“We want to celebrate the neighborhood. It's very unique and it's a great place to live, to go to school, to have a business, to raise kids and so that's something we've wanted to do,” Neighborhood Association President Lynn Fisher said. 

Hundreds of people were able to try food from different vendors and check out booths of some of the stores nearby. Fisher says they wanted to make it a family event so there were many games and a face painting station to make it fun for kids.

“Playing games like picking the apple from the bucket. I did it twice and listening to the music,” Sara Milton said.

Fisher says he was very pleased with the turn out. They wanted to have an event that was fun but also highlighted the school and businesses close by.

“I think it's great too and I just live down the street but I haven't been up here and looked around for several years and I'm amazed at how nice it is and all the changes they've made,” Barb Burton said.

Many of the people we talked to at the celebration say they were glad to have an event to get the neighborhood together and they plan on having another one next year.