Comic Book Summer Camp

Some students are spending their summer trying to create the next superhero. It's part of a fun week long Bright Lights Summer Camp. Here's Thursday, July 30ths "Excellence in Education" report.

All of these students love to draw and today they're putting their skills to the test. They start with a rough sketch and during the week they perfect their masterpiece hoping one day people will marvel over it. Their favorite part? Seeing their heroes come to life!

"I love the stories the heroes have. I feel like everyone's stories needs to be told and it was fun last year," says Felicity Neeley.

"They collaborate between each other and they help each other with stories that they're working on and character development as well as drawing skills," says Gregory Hoffman.

A lot of these students took this same comic book summer class last year. They say the instructor gives them great advice because of his expert opinions.