Community Action, local businesses, give new wheels to those in need

Two cars were donated to two people working their way out of poverty through Community Action.

The cars were restored by Tracy’s Collision Center with the help of Farm Bureau Financial Services and other local businesses,

"We are starting the new year in really grand style," said Community Action Executive Director Vi See.  "Because we are joining our partners…to award the gift of reliable transportation to two individuals living in our community and are working towards financial well being."

Community Action said they see reliable transportation as one of the most important factors to overcome in reaching financial stability.

"Not having an automobile that is reliable impacts your ability to be at work, to be on time to work," See said.  "It impacts the ability to get your children to school.  It impacts their participation in the community."

One of the recipients is Lacharie Pettigrew.  She said her car quit on her a few months ago.  Since then, she couldn’t get her kids to and from school and depended on others for transportation to work.

"It means a lot for me and my family," Pettigrew said.  "Now I can move around, get my kids to school, do a lot more things that I need to do."

Jennifer Hill said she was living out of her car when she moved to Lincoln.  She’s since been working two jobs while pursuing her nursing degree; all while spending money on unreliable transportation.

Friday’s donation fixes that.

"So many people have put in time and effort and it really makes me feel special," Hill said.  "It gives me that extra push…to do better."

Having newer cars makes things simpler for her and Pettigrew.

Community Action offers a lot more services to those in tough financial times.  If you or someone you know needs help, you can get their assistance at: