Community Worship Service

Pastor Dan Davis described the scene in Hallam last Sunday morning, as residents surveyed their destroyed homes, “hell on earth”. One week later, more than 200 people packed the United Methodist Church in Martell to mourn for what was lost and to begin the healing process. The congregations of Hallam's United Methodist Church and United Congregational Church of Christ took a much-needed break from the massive clean-up effort in Hallam Sunday morning. After a week of digging out, salvaging what was left, and picking up the pieces, they spent the morning at the United Methodist Church in Martell. Their purpose was clear. One Hallam resident says, “The unity…I like to see the unity of people coming together, friends, strangers, everybody, you know we're all here for one reason and that's to support and rebuild lives and communities.” Also attending Sunday morning were many of the emergency workers and volunteers that have become part of the Hallam community since the tornado ripped through the town. Along with workers from the Red Cross, Salvation Army, and F.E.M.A. were several members of the Hallam Rescue Crew. Pastor Lorri Kentner felt Sunday's service was a vital step in rebuilding the community.  “I think the service was a chance for everybody to come together for healing. Everybody has been through a lot and we really needed a chance to come together, support each other, to feel God's presence among us and around us and start the healing process.”  Pastor Lorri also said it's very important for everybody to know that both churches in Hallam are going to rebuild. Until then, she says they will be continuing to hold services every Sunday.