Complaint Over Abortion Clinic

Members from several pro-life groups came together at the state capitol to release allegations against Dr. Carhart and his clinic.

The group turned in several affidavits with allegations from former employees saying the clinic isn't being run legally.

The pro-life groups came together to meet with Attorney General Jon Bruning.

The purpose to hand over evidence they say implicates Dr. Carhart and his clinic for performing illegal practices.

The group filed a formal complaint with the Attorney General's office and turned in affidavits from 3 of Carhart's former employees who pro life groups say admit to unsafe conditions and practices at his Bellevue clinic.

The examples they gave include using uncleaned instruments and employees administering drugs without being certified.

“We turned over signed affidavits from former employees of Leroy Carhart, telling what they experienced what they saw what they were compelled to do at Leroy Carhart's abortion clinic in violation of the law,” Cheryl Sullenger with Operation Rescue said. 

A spokesperson for the Attorney General said representatives presented him with affidavits regarding illegal activities at Carhart's clinic and will take all reports of alleged illegal activity very seriously.

The Attorney General's office has not confirmed if an investigation is taking place.

Dr. Carhart hasn't been available for comment but has said the allegations were untrue.