Concerns about possible new Costco

Posted By: Kelsey Murphy

"This one right here, I am happy to have her in my family," Joni Gray, concerned citizen, said.

A families bond.

"I used to call her my second mother,” Gray, said

An inseparable connection from start to finish.

“You know it’s just their bodies here and their spirits have passed, but it’s still comforting to have them next to each other and feel like there is still that connection," Gray, said.

Joni Gray lost her mother to cancer in 1995. She rests in the south end of Lincoln Memorial next to the cornfield.

“She would have corn stalks like we have and that was very comforting for us to know that mom would be next to the corn field,” Gray, said.

Following her mother was her father, and then her niece.

So her family created a place of serenity. Joni’s sister even planting a tree in honor of their niece Jennifer.

Now, they fear the perfect family plots will be ruined.

The cemetery has agreed to sell the land just to the south to Costco. Their plan is to purchase the cornfield at 14th and Pine Lake and build a wholesale store, a gas station and more than 750 parking spots.

"We have plots that we can’t use we cant sell we can’t enjoy," Gray, said.

I reached out to the City Planning Department; they say if Costco wants to build there they’ll need to go through a formal zoning process to change the land from agricultural, residential to business consumer.

I also reached out to Costco and they had no comment.

As of right now, the store has not submitted a formal application or a site plan to the city planning department.