Congressional Candidates Debate

Republican Congressman Jeff Fortenberry and Democratic challenger Maxine Moul met for a debate Tuesday in Lincoln.

It was hosted by the Lincoln Independent Business Association during their monthly meeting.

The candidates discussed North Korea, health care, ag subsidies, and Iraq.  

Both candidates said they'd be the one to put Nebraska families and communities first.      

Both said they'd work to fight illegal immigration by securing our borders.   

A large crowd gathered to hear the first Congressional District candidates trade jabs.   

The debate was  broadcast live on KLIN radio, and was moderated by Channel 8's own Rod Fowler.

Former lieutenant Governor Maxine Moul, herself a cancer survivor, says she'll work for quality, affordable health care for all Nebraskans.  

First-term Congressman Jeff Fortenberry says he's supports personal health care choices in the form of health savings accounts.  

The pair painted two different pictures of the economy.

Moul says Fortenberry, and the Bush Administration, are out of touch.

She says that she'll work for fiscal responsibility.

Fortenberry says he'll be careful with taxpayers' money.

LIBA, the sponsor of the debate, proudly announced their membership has surpassed 1000.

The forum was intended to help their members learn about the candidate's positions on the issues.   

LIBA officials say they don't endorse candidates in national races.