Congressional candidates talk about what sets them apart

By: Channel 8 Newsroom

Nebraska will soon vote to keep Representative Jeff Fortenberry in office or to bring in Democrat Dennis Crawford.

We recently sat down with the two Congressional candidates and asked them what sets them apart.

Crawford has been a private practice attorney for 28 years. He hopes to bring his small business experience to Washington.

“As an attorney, I’ve negotiated with opposing attorneys with whom I disagree. And the vast majority of cases we find common ground solutions that will help both of our clients and I plan on taking that approach to Washington. An approach that is badly needed,” Crawford said.

Fortenberry has represented the First District since 2004.

“I serve on the House Appropriations Committee, I have front line responsibilities for trying to get the budgetary house in order, for trying to secure our nation’s safety, and to work on critical problems such as agricultural policy that has created a vibrancy of opportunity here in Nebraska,” Fortenberry said.