Congressional candidates talk challenges facing the middle class

By: Channel 8 Newsroom

Nebraskans will soon vote to keep First Congressional District Incumbent, Jeff Fortenberry, or bring in Democrat Dennis Crawford.

We sat down with the candidates and asked how they plan to help the middle class.

Fortenberry said it’s hard for people to get ahead in life when the cost of bills continues to go up and wages stay the same.

Crawford blames Republicans and fears another government shutdown.

“I think the biggest threat is Mr. Fortenberry and the House Majority of Republicans in Washington. Not a day goes by where Mr. Fortenberry or one of his party bosses doesn’t threaten a government shutdown. A government shutdown could hurt the recovery and send us back into recession. We need to take that threat off the table,” Crawford said.

“Government overspending, concentration of wealth and power in Washington and Wall Street, but in addition to that government interfering with the opportunity for small business to basically take risk and create jobs. Giving government its rightful place in creating healthy and good economy where we protect labor and environmental standards appropriately, but unleashing entrepreneurial potential of people who have a gift and want to use it,” Fortenberry said.

The General Election is November 4.