Congressional Forum In Omaha, Health Care Hot Topic

Thursday, all 5 members of Nebraska's congressmen met with 700 business leaders, and Healthcare was again a hot topic.

Both Nebraska Senators and the three Congressman joined together Thursday at the Air and Space Museum near Ashland to answer the big questions regarding health care reform, card check and federal stimulus spending.

The Air and Space Museum near Ashland was transformed into a political forum as Nebraska's Congressional delegation met with 700 of the state's business leaders to discuss the big topics buzzing around Washington.

“I think it's great that our delegation takes the time to hear out input on this we can hear what there thinking and we can try and move forward,” Pinnacle Bank Presiden Mark Hesser said. 

On top of a group debate each elected official had their own sessions to discuss their take on federal policies, cap and trade and card check.

But the big topic on everyone's mind was healthcare.

And here's what some of the officials had to say about their take on health care reform.

“I think this bill is so weak, so poorly put together so completely flawed in it's potential execution, you don't need that,” Republican Senator Mike Johanns said. 

“The public sector plan is atrocious it's just a set up for the single payer so government bullies, they push if they want something they don't play by the same market rules or anti-trust rules that private sectors have to,” Republican Rep. Lee Terry of The 2nd District Said. 

“We need to address health care issues, there are proposals being floated Speaker Pelosi is going out of her way to make sure those aren't part of the mix and these are proposals that would lead to more consumer choice,” Republican Rep. Adrian Smith of The 3rd District said. 

As for Hesser he was hoping the event would help the state's business leaders know the direction our state's leaders are headed in….

“I want to try and find out where we are on the stimulus spending and hear what they're planning on the health care bill and where that might head and number one thing is how are we going to pay for it,” Hesser said. 

We spoke to all 5 elected officials that attended the event.

And they all agreed having forums like this are helping Nebraskan's understand where they're coming from and lets residents have a platform to express their concerns to the state's representatives.