Congressman Fortenberry visits Nebraska

Congressman Fortenberry is making the rounds around Nebraska, he says it's a good way for him to connect with the voters.

In Seward, citizens visited the VFW for Fortenberry's town hall meeting.  It was the first time Wayne Benson ever attended a meeting like this. He says he's done being silent when it comes to politics.

“I challenged Congressmen Fortenberry to be a leader to step it up and hopefully solve some very critical problems that our country faces not just Nebraska but our country,” says Benson.

Congressmen Fortenberry touched on some key issues like illegal immigration. He says this has been a consistent problem that weighs heavily economically on places like Fremont and Arizona and that's why they have to take the steps to enact laws like they did.

He says though that's not a cure all, his 4–prong idea might be. 

“Want controlled borders, crackdown of scrupulous employers who invite this demand for illegal labor and streamlining of current legal immigration processes and foreign policy that decreases the need for economic migration to this country,” says Fortenberry. 

Another issue, the federal budget and the deficit. He says the government needs to do what states and other local governments have to do balance their budget.

Just about everyone asked the Congressmen a question, and Benson wants him to take all of this back to Capitol Hill and lead the way in making some decisions.

“I hope he'll go back and step up and maybe becomes a player on the national scene instead of just in Nebraska and become somebody that can get something done.” 

Congressmen Fortenberry will be in Plattsmouth and Waverly tomorrow.  At the end of this week he'll be taking a trip down to Louisiana to get a first hand look at the gulf oil spill.