Congressman Lee Terry Surveys Flooding

As water levels begin to go down around the Omaha area, the attention now turns to what help is available.

Many are also concerned about what would happen in the event of a levee failure.  Home and business owners seeking answers packed in to the Lake Pointe building in North Omaha.

Nebraska Representative Lee Terry, joined by the Nebraska Emergency Management Agency, FEMA and other county agencies, did their best to respond to concerns.  Terry says having everyone coming together is what needs to happen.  “The team approach that's been taken here at all different levels of government and government agencies and public works. Everybody is really working together as a team,” he says.

Yet many feel they aren't getting good enough answers.  Joe Wynne represents a small business which would be destroyed if a levee breach occurred.  He says although communication and decision making can be hard, if this type of event is imminent, he simply wants to know. “I know that's a tough spot for any politician or representative to be in, but if that's what could happen and probably is going to happen, I'd rather just know it up front,” Wynne says.

And the same problem is faced by displaced residents facing the flood waters.  Tammy Kimble's home sits on a levee and says getting the proper information has been hard to come by.  Now, her family has moved everything out of their home in case the situation worsens.  She says the whole thing has taken a serious toll on her life, “come live with us for a week. Live with the unbelievable stress of 'is the levee going to hold? is the levee going to blow?' and have them, without their priorities, try to get the answers that we, the common people, are trying to get and see how frustrated you feel”

Many people we spoke with also say any type of information regarding the flood needs to be consolidated in one easy to find place, like a website or station.  Terry says congress is also working on a bill that would extend some types of flood insurance.