Conservative groups worry that further Kintner action is a distraction

Posted By: Kelsey Murphy

Grassroots conservative groups got a head start on voicing their opinions regarding Senator Bill Kintner and potential action against him Monday.

Speakers stood outside the capitol about an hour before the Executive Board was scheduled to meet on Monday.

"It is a disguise by a group of liberal senators who have an agenda," Dr. Paul Von-Behren, Nebraska Voice, said.

Concerns were expressed over wasted tax payer dollars and misuse of government time.

"Spending tens of thousands of dollars to address and issue that, apparently to them, is more important than tax on our corrections officers, prison overcrowding, and sky rocketing taxation," Joe Herring, Independent Speaker, said.

During the executive session, elected officials unanimously voted to send Sen. Bill Kintner a letter asking for his resignation.

It’s better than the protesters fear of a special session, but they say Sen. Kintner received his punishment and that it should be up to the people to decide.

"Its is these people who have allied themselves with the usual suspects on of the left wings of the political system here in Nebraska to try and oust Sen. Kintner for his seat which is actually a job for his constituents in the next election," Herring, said.

Others disagree, one senator saying no additional action will affect the amount of work done.

"I will not offer a piece of legislature. Everyone who offers a bill better prepare to work with me and discuss it line by line," Sen. Ernie Chambers, Omaha, said.

Sen. Kintner has until September 2nd to accept the letter asking for his resignation.