Construction continues on new county jail

A new jail is being constructed to help relieve the overcrowded lockups in Lincoln and on Thursday, Lancaster County officials were given their first peak at the new facility.

Construction on the sight has been slowed by inclement weather, but the jail is still on schedule for completion by February of 2012.

When it is done, County Commissioner Larry Hudkins says those who are arrested in Lancaster County will stay here.  “The prisoners of Lancaster County are in jails as far away as Columbus, David City, Wahoo, Wilber, and possibly Omaha.  This is going to be a better, safer, more efficient jail than what we currently have.”

To help speed the construction, most of the jail cells are being pre–built in Texas.  Hudkins says the new facility will house more than twice the number of inmates that Lancaster County's other two older jails are built to hold.