Construction Workers Wanted Nationally and in Nebraska

Posted By: Pierce Georlett

On Wednesday, construction owners, and representatives talked openly about the job shortage, and the struggle construction business are having filling up these jobs.

"You know everybody was preaching let’s go to a 4 year school lets go to a 4 year school," says Ted Butler President of Constructors Inc. "and I think we’re finally hitting that ripple effect to where it’s not cool to be a truck driver, it’s not cool to be a carpenter it’s not cool to be an operator."

These business owners want to get out the message that this is a viable option as a career choice.

"There’s this big push against construction it’s consider blue collar," said Chris Brester, President of Brester Construction "and so there’s maybe a stigma around it when actually working in construction you can earn an extremely good living and proved extremely well for your family."

While there is a lot of problems nationally here in Nebraska they are actually experiencing an increase in the construction jobs available they just need people to fill them.

"It’s grown and it’s grown significantly over the last 10 years whereas many other parts of the country yes we’re in expansion mode," added Brian Trumial the National Spokesman of AGC "but there are majority f metro areas in the country today still employ fewer construction workers than they did 10 years ago. Now that’s different here in Lincoln and it’s different in Omaha both of which are at peak levels."

One of the suggestions to fill the open jobs is to offer more internships, attracting a younger crowd to the business.