Consumer Warning About Construction Thefts

Home construction areas are becoming a welcome site to burglars this summer. The thieves stake out homes under construction and take off with expensive building materials. One couple that had it happen to them not once, but twice. It's been a rough year for Stephen Bonnett and his wife. Last October their home was completely destroyed by a fire, leaving them with just the clothes on their back. And re-building hasn't been easy for this couple. Last week burglars snuck into their home and took off with more than 9-thousand dollars worth of building materials.

As if that wasn't enough the thieves struck again a couple of days later, but this time Stephen was prepared. Through the help of his neighbors Stephen caught the thieves red handed and now they're in jail.

Police say this type of crime is considered a class three felony. Those convicted could face up to 25 years in jail.