Copper Thieves Aim High

The popular copper theft crime, could now be putting you and your families lives at risk.

Police say theives are starting to get the pricey metal from places like cell phone and radio towers.

 A wrong cut and officals say the theives could knock out communication with-in the city even the 9-1-1 call center..

 Police say what's happening is thieves are breaking into towers, going in and stealing copper wire inside.

But their big concern is if the thieves start cutting up the wrong wires.

Everyday hundreds of emergency calls come here to Lincoln's 911 call center.

Without it, and the safety of the public would be at risk, a real threat ever since theives have been breaking into cell phone and radio towers cutting up and stealing costly copper.

A crime that's gotten more and more common.

But a wrong cut could cut communication.

Worst case scenario, we lose complete communication from that site.

Ray Ryan the radio supervisor for the city of Lincoln fears if that happens getting police and fire to respond to calls wouldn't be possible. 

Ryan says it could take several hours to get communication back up and running and even then communication would be limited.

Police say the only real way to catch these thieves is with your help they say if live near a cell phone tower, they ask you to be vigilant if you see anyone that seems suspicious to call 911.