Corrections director defends inmate placement program

By: Jenn Schanz 

Director of Nebraska’s Department of Correctional Services, Mike Kenney, wrote a letter Tuesday, to lawmakers investigating the NDCS.

He asked for the letter to be included in his Oct. 10th testimony, which he gave before a special legislative committee. 

In the letter, he defends a temporary inmate placement program that’s come under fire, and also claims the governor knew nothing about it.

Kenney writes that he created the Temporary Alternative Placement or TAP program, to help deal with miscalculated sentences, part of the reason the NDCS is being investigated in the first place.

The program allowed five inmates to finish out their time at home, while wearing monitoring bracelets and checking in with parole officers.

Some lawmakers say the program wasn’t legal, but Kenney claims a state law allowed him to determine where the inmates served their time.

The governor also wrote the committee, stating that he was unaware of the program, until after Kenney’s Oct. 10th testimony.

This all comes a few days after the governor was subpoenaed, meaning he’ll also testify before the special legislative committee Oct. 29th.