Corrugated cardboard to be banned from landfills

Posted By: Bayley Bischof Channel 8 Eyewitness News 

Last year, Lincoln residents sent 38 million pounds of cardboard to the landfill, but no more.

Mayor Chris Beutler announced today that starting in April, corrugated cardboard must be recycled.

"Lincoln is the first community in Nebraska to take this step toward a more sustainable future," Beutler said.

Beutler said there are two main benefits. First, t will increase the life of our landfills and, the city will no longer be paying to bury something it could profit off of.

"Last year, we paid to bury 19,000 tons of cardboard," Beutler said. "But cardboard is in such high demand by paper mills that $2.3 million could have been injected into the economy."

So how do you comply?
First, know what corrugated cardboard looks like. It’s the thicker, wavy cardboard, most common in shipping and moving boxes.

To recycle it, you can call your current refuse provider to see about their options or simply take it to one of the 28 drop-off locations for free.

The mayor says this new ordinance will help increase Lincoln’s recycling rate by about ten percent.

Kelly Mcreynolds, the manager of Mid-America Recycling said he’s already seen an increase since this idea was brought up.

"We are starting to see a lot more residents recycle," McReynolds said. "We are starting to see more cardboard in the residential single stream so there’s already been an increase, and we’ve had several calls from businesses about starting new services."
He says they are expecting to see a 25 % increase in cardboard recycled once the rule officially goes into affect.

The city has created a brand new campaign to get the community educated and excited about recycling, it also has a lot of help for people just starting to recycle. Visit their website at