Council Bluffs residents prepare to evacuate

In Council Bluffs, residents are being put on “Alert 1” which means they need to have their evacuation bags packed and ready to go, just in case. A level One Alert is the lowest. Council Bluffs officials say there is no immediate threat to the city, but they want residents to play it safe.

This neighborhood is packing up and moving out before the mighty Missouri swallows up their homes. The river was nearly 35 feet–deep at Council Bluffs and Omaha Thursday. That's six feet above the 29 foot flood stage. Despite the level one alert, some residents are choosing to stay. Others fear for the worst.

Tammy Jessen says, “This is horrible. It's horrible. And we're all gonna lose our homes I have a feeling. This isn't gonna go away and I don't think Council Bluffs will be here.”

If a level two alert is issued, that means a levee is failing or expected to fail and the city will urge residents to leave. A level three alert means everyone must leave.