Country Star Lee Brice may have his new biggest fan

Posted by: Kelsey Murphy

Melissa Wilson is still learning the fundamentals of playing the guitar.

It's the first time she's ever wanted to play, motivated by one of her favorite artists, Lee Brice.

"Well because he gave this to me and I want to use it," says Wilson.

On Friday, Melissa planned to attend to her very first concert, headlining Lee Brice. She did not plan on the country star taking off his guitar and handing it to her in the crowd.

"Well first when he started taking it off I started crying," says Wilson.

Tears of joy, shared with another one of Lee Brice's biggest fans, who happens to be Melissa’s older sister. Together they sing all of his hits.

There was still one more surprise in store for Melissa.

Mark Kelly, the man behind Melissa’s dream come true, hocked her with something special Sunday evening.

"I noticed her out in the crowd and I made it a mission that I need to do something special for her. It was her first concert so why not make it huge,” says Kelly.

In addition to a guitar more her size, he surprised Melissa with tickets for a second concert, this one headlining Taylor Swift.

“you are going to Taylor swift,” says Kelly.

Her reaction to the gifts was similar to Fridays, speechless, full of joy.

Melissa will share her story on Froggy 98, the sponsors of her dream concert tomorrow morning.