County Engineer releases 1 and 6 year plan

Posted By: Sarah Fili

With a tight budget, roads and bridges were tough issues for county officials to take on for the next year.

Monday taxpayers were given an update on where we stand and what’s next.

Last May’s flooding took a toll on to some bridges and roads in Lancaster County, bad enough where officials had to close some bridges.

Monday night a public hearing was held to update everyone on where we’ve been and where we’re going.

“Although we of course remain focused on roads and bridges, three years ago when I took office I promised you the citizens of Lancaster County to focus more on efficiency, modernization and pavement,” Pam Dingman, county engineer, said.

County Engineer Pam Dingman says out of the thirteen bridges that were shut down, eleven of them are repaired. The only holdup now is waiting for about $2,000,000 dollars FEMA is expected to pay for some of the work.

“I do note that that may have to be reduced depending on some of the flood reimbursements,” Dingman said.

Also at the meeting, they looked ahead, not only to next year’s projects, but what they hope to accomplish in the next six years. Some people had special requests.

“But I’m here basically here to speak about 98th street off Saltillo that comes north into Cheney, I would love to see that road paved and I’ll tell you why, just this morning I was teaching a voice lesson to one of my students who uses that road and she said she almost ran over a little kid on a bike because the dust on the road is so bad,” one resident said.

Good news for them, the 6 year plan does include paving south 98th street among other roads.  Just for next year, total budget for roads and bridges is about $8,000,000.

Click here to learn more and see the one and six plan: