Coworkers remember shooting victim

By: Brittany Paris

It was a somber day at RHD Nebraska.

“All of us, all of us are very sad. Very sad, very devastated,” Janyss Vocasek, Morton's Supervisor, said.

Nathaniel Morton Sr., worked for the company for three years.

The group supports people who have intellectual disabilities and mental health concerns.

“He worked with one of the most challenging people we support,” Vocasek said.

She says despite having a difficult job, Morton brought a smile and his sense of humor to work every day.

“You never saw the guy without a smile on his face. Ever,” Vocasek said.

Vocasek got the call this morning, saying Morton had been shot and killed at a home near 29th and Fair.

“Really just shock. Just shock,” she said.

She says Morton worked with one person closely during his time at RHD Nebraska, teaching social boundaries and life skills.

“It's probably more like losing a family member for the person he supported,” Vocasek said.

She says Morton was a leader at work, someone everyone relied on and was willing to help anyone.

“He kind of lived that everyday,” Vocasek said.

RHD Nebraska has set up a fund in Morton's name. He leaves behind a wife and four children.

If you'd like to donate, just contact the group at (402) 261-3528.