Crete Fire Victims Receive Donations

Nearly 40 Crete residents lost thier home and belongings in an apartment fire on Sunday.  

 Now, they will have a permanent place to sleep and possibly a permanent residence thanks to help from the community.

Nearly 12 families lost thier homes.

Some lost everything they own and most did not have renters insurance.

The apartment building is a total loss for 29 adults and nine children.

Fire investigators have permanently ruled the cause undetermined.

They say that's because it's not safe to go inside and search for the cause.   

The American Red Cross is paying for the first month's rent in an apartment for every resident.   

Blue Valley Community Action Partnership has paid for thier downpayment if they wish to stay in the new apartment permanently.   

Food and clothing vouchers have been given out and mattresses arrived for everyone.

But, more is needed.   

Most of the residents work at Farmland just south of Crete.

The company has given them the week off.

A trailor has been set up for employees to donate home appliances and other things to furnish their new homes.

As for the burnt out apartment, the city's building inspector has condemed it and the landlord will be buldozing it soon.

If you would loke to help with donations, you can call 402-826-2376.

You can also call Catholic Social Services at 474-1600 ext. 103, or the Amreican Red Cross at 471-7997.