Crete Public Schools proposes expansion plan

By: Jenn Schanz

“We've been in support of it all the way. We feel that it's a lot of money, like everybody thinks, but it's just something we need to do,” says Crete parent Brian Yeager.

It all comes down to money.

Crete's 33 million dollar plan to address district–wide needs ranging from a new high school to improved safety has many celebrating the rural district's growth.

Others feel it's too much money to ask of taxpayers, and that an increase in property value will cost them more.

For superintendent Kyle McGowan, the project's importance is worth its price tag.

“33 million has a sticker shock to it, but this is a plan that's been worked on for over 2 years by the school board.”

Parents and community members gathered Tuesday night to discuss the plan, which outlined the architectural layout of the new high school area.

It's the first of many public meetings to come.

If approved, the average Crete property owner will pay about 200 more dollars per year, just over 16 dollars a month.

The plan will be voted on via a mail–in ballot, due Sept. 10.

Until then, officials say they'll continue to meet with the public to address concerns and answer questions.