Crews fight cold to battle house fire

By: Lauren Fabrizi

Lincoln Fire and Rescue was called to a home near 14th and D Streets around 8:30 Wednesday morning. When crews arrived, they saw smoke coming from the back of the house.

“Crews made entry and were able to quickly knock down the fire,” Battalion Chief Jeremy Gegg said.

Three people and a cat were inside. They all made it out safely.

Officials said smoking material lit a pile of clothes in the bedroom on fire. Flames spread throughout the first floor. There’s heavy smoke damage everywhere else. 

“The house will not be liveable,” Gegg said.

With temperatures around zero, extra crews were called in to protect the safety of those at work. There were six fire trucks with about 25 firefighters ready to step in if needed.

“We try to rotate crews in the scene to relieve the crews that are already here,” Gegg said. “That way, no one has to work outside for too long.”

In extremely cold weather, workers switch out gear so it doesn’t freeze. In Wednesday’s case, a rehab unit was stationed nearby where firefighters could warm up.

Crews use similar protocol in the summer when temperatures get too hot.

Officials estimate about $50,000 in damage. The Red Cross is helping the tenants find a temporary place to stay.