Crews working to clear the streets

Posted By: Megan Conway

Heavy, wet snow covers the city, but many are working hard to clean it up and that includes homeowners. All available crews have been out all day plowing and sanding. They’ve been faced with the problem of drifting on the main roads; having to take their time to go back and clear them again.

40th street is being cleared, not only of snow but of a tree that fell.

“It’s just lucky that it fell out in the street instead of on the house or the neighbor’s house,” says Jamon Stacy, resident.

“The dogs went crazy running toward the front of the house and when I looked out to see what it was all about, all I saw was tree in the road,” says Barbara Huff, neighbor.

The scary part? The tree fell on top of a car driving by and the woman inside had to crawl out the passenger side.

“She’s a little startled, a little shaky, but she’s fine,” says Stacy.

Many people are not a fan of the snow and chilly temperatures, and aren’t leaving the house for the day.

“This is definitely the biggest snow storm I’ve seen in awhile. Just stay at home and drink hot chocolate,” says Kyra Hoster.

“No plans to get out, no, not at all,” says Stacy.

Others don’t mind the winter weather.

“I prefer winter to summer actually. I’m not a real big fan of high heat and humidity,” says Huff.