Crime rate lowest since 1970 in Lincoln

Posted By: Megan Conway

Numbers don’t lie.

According to police data recently released, The crime rate in Lincoln is the lowest it’s been since 1970. Even with a population increase of 120,000 since that year.

Public Safety Director Tom Casady says almost every year the crime rate in Lincoln has gone down around 3 percent since it peaked in 1991. The drop this year makes it the lowest crime rate in almost half a century at about 36 percent per 1,000 people. He says there’s no specific reason for the decrease.

“There are lots and lots of theories on what’s driven the decline in crime in the united states. We’ve had higher rates of incarceration, another theory is better policing has helped fuel that drop in crime, technological advances, things like alarm systems, video surveillance systems even the smart phone may have fueled the decline,” says Casady.

According to a Gallup survey done in 2014, that’s not how the public feels.

“One of the most remarkable things about declining crime rates in the United States is that it’s contrary to what most people think,” says Casady.

Some of our viewers agree. 

“I live in an area of Lincoln that sees a higher crime rate, so even hearing this, no, I don’t feel safer,” says Jesi Showalter–Pierce.

“I live a few blocks from the Russ’s Market that got robbed last week. So, no. Don’t feel safer,” says Holly Ridder.

On the other hand, Amanda Jajoo says she walks around Lincoln feeling safe.

“Every city will have crimes, but very proud to call Lincoln home and LPD is who I have to thank for keeping us safe,” says Jajoo.

Casady says the only crimes that have increased are rape and robbery, which are both increasing faster than population growth. Another statistic Lincoln can be proud of, we are one of just a handful of cities our size that keeps its murders in the single digits.