Crime rates are decreasing in Lincoln thanks to technology

Posted By: Bayley Bischof Channel 8 Eyewitness News 

Looking at Lincoln crime statistics between 2007 and now paints a pretty positive picture.

Crime rates are down nearly all across the board.

Larceny from auto is down from around 3000 to 2000, thefts down from approximately 9500 to 6500.

This is a shift that can be largely attributed to the cellphone in your pocket.

"Often times people are snapping pictures and that’s pretty good evidence for us to be able to draw from to go back, hold those responsible for those thefts accountable…stop them and arrest them," Chief Jeff Bliemeister said.

Phones also make it easier for crimes to be reported right away, increasing the likelihood that the suspect is caught and unable to break the law again.

Burglaries have decreased too.

Home burglaries were at 1500 in 2007 and only 900 this year, and business burglaries down from 460 to 250.

Thanks in part to home and business owners installing high quality video cameras.

"From 2007–2008 we had 100 cases where we completed video forensic work. In 2016 that was over 1200.

Technology is also changing the way policing works.

"They can assess information to be able to help the officers on the street with their mobile data terminals in their car to prevent crime and solve crime,” Bliemeister said.

Aggravated assault and other violent crimes also show decreases in the last decade, but Bliemeister says that’s because of a change in how those crimes are reported.

Really, those crimes have remained steady, which he says is a good thing.

Overall the chief says these stats show officers are working toward a crime free city, and they will continue that effort.

"People in Lincoln expect not to be a victim of a crime, and we’re constantly working to make that happen and these stats show that."

Here’s the website where you can find LPD’s public data webpage:

Aggravated Assault:

2007- 1029

2017- 585


2007- 9421

2017- 6504

Theft from vehicles:

2007- 3187

2017- 2167

Residential Burglary:

2007- 1456

2017- 889

Non-residential Burglary:

2007- 460

2017- 250

Auto Theft:

2007- 410

2017- 324


2007- 5241

2017- 2767


2007- 1199

2017- 177


2007- 988

2017- 182