Crops totaled after hail storm

By: Jenn Hatcher

Nebraska’s leading industry, agriculture, will suffer after Tuesday night’s storm.

Hail did a number on area crops.

Fifth generation farmer, Scot Spohn says on Tuesday morning, his fields near Friend, Nebraska, were a sea of green.

Now, the corn plants are shredded to pieces, thanks to the hail storm producing some tennis ball size stones.

Spohn says, “When you’ve worked all spring long to get the crops planted right… and you come out and see it’s completely ruined, it’s kind of frustrating.”

He believes about 80 percent of his fields won’t recover and much of the crop will be totaled by insurance.

Whether or not he’ll attempt replanting is up in the air.

“By the time the adjuster gets out here, they make a decision a week later; you’re getting up against June 9th… To replant corn June 9th is getting really questionable, whether it’s economically feasible,” says Spohn.

When Tuesday’s storm hit, the family farm was just recovering from the mothers day storm which overturned many of their pivots, some of those pivots damaged, once again.

Spohn says even as Mother Nature’s cost them millions of dollars.

“It’s the life of a farmer; we strap up our boots and keep going”

Statewide, no word yet on how much damage was done to crops, that could take a few days.