CrossFit community pumps iron for a good cause

By: Jenn Schanz

Dylan Campbell is lifting more than weights.

With the help of his CrossFit community, he's also lifting spirits…and awareness, for his niece Evelynn.

She just turned one, and suffers from Kleefstra Syndrome, a genetic condition that causes low muscle tone, seizures, and heart problems.

“It's just basically to raise awareness to the disease because it's a pretty rare, and to raise money for my niece who has a lot of medical costs. I just wanted to do my part,” says Dylan.

Fitness enthusiasts from Fit 2 Fight in Omaha and Offutt's Tactical Fitness Program joined members of Cornhusker CrossFit for the fundraiser, which brought in far more than expected.

“I mean, I expected you know, a few of our gym members to come down and raise 100 bucks. I mean when I was told we'd raised over 300 dollars so far, I was blown away. It's awesome,” he says.

Dylan's sister Jamie and her husband Donn say they didn't have a number goal in mind, they just wanted to bring awareness to Kleefstra, and special needs in general.

For them, the turnout was overwhelming.

“It makes me want to cry. It's a pretty special thing, just to experience the love and caring in the world…it touches your heart,” says Jamie Hazlett, Evelynn's mom.

Evelynn's been healthy for a few months now, but still eats through the feeding tube.

Her parents say despite her obstacles, she's sassy, and a happy girl.