Crouch and Woodhead entertain fans at Senior Open

By: Bill Schammert

Professionals weren't the only ones taking swings at Omaha Country Club Wednesday afternoon, Eric Crouch and Danny Woodhead played a little golf too.

It was all part of a junior clinic that included Fred Funk and Hale Irwin. 

Almost 1,000 fans showed up for the event that featured a long drive contest and an accuracy competition.

“You can't be the fact that you're out in your hometown enjoying a wonderful event on home turf,” said Crouch.

“When you're with world class golfers, Eric and I are just trying to not look funny,” Woodhead laughed.

Easier said than done.  The final challenge was to hit a driver as hard as possible, but make the ball travel as short as possible.

Woodhead skied one 100-feet in the air that Fred Funk tried to chase down like a wide-receiver.  It was close, but not the winner.

Crouch took a one legged swing that connected, and traveled a winning distance of about 20-yards.

“We edged them out on that last trick shot there, I was just flying by the seat of my pants.  But it's nice to know I edged out Danny today,” Crouch said.