Crowd Control Becomes A Problem In Downtown Lincoln

It was an especially tough weekend for Lincoln police, three officers were attacked while on duty. One officer was punched in the face when he tried to break up a fight outside a downtown bar. The downtown area is one hot spot police keep an extra close eye on. Last year, they were called to a two block area in downtown, 16-hundred times.  Thousands of people pouring out of bars and clubs. On Saturday, two men began to fight near 14th and “O”, when a police officer tried to break it up, officials say 22 year old Matthew Heath punched him in the face. While police say the area isn't especially dangerous, it does demand a lot of their attention to make sure things don't get out of hand. One thing officers do is work hand in hand with bar owners. They meet several times a year, teaching them stategies to help limit problems. Another form of crowd control comes from communication. Bar owners have on-duty police officer's cell phone numbers. That way they can get the help they need more quickly. The other two assaults against police officers happened outside the downtown area.