Crowds gather for a Black Lives Matter Protest

Posted By: Kelsey Murphy

"Black Lives Matter,” a peaceful protest crowd, chanted.

A message heard around the nation is being shouted loud and proud here in the Capital City.

“No justice, no peace,” crowd, chanted.

Crowds of protesters marched to the north side of the Capitol Building to share the message, Black Lives Matter.

"We need to be unified and we need to become one, because we all bleed red, we all bleed red, we really do, and we are all humans and we all have a right to live," Mia Springer, peaceful protester, said.

The protest comes after the recent killing of two black men by police.

It’s not the first protest we’ve seen since the acts, but it’s different than others around the nation that turned violent.

Protesters in the Capital City say to get peace, they need to be peaceful.

"We would just like for everybody come together as one and if we can make that happen, I feel like we can make the world a better place not just the city,” Deunte Johnson, protest organizer, said.

Je’Kerra Hopper fights for all lives.

The college junior is studying criminal justice and wants to be a police officer after graduation. She says she is hurt by recent events, but tells me you can’t blame everyone in uniform.

"If we come together as one we can change and have peace, but let’s not label all police officers as bad, because I know there are some good ones out there," Je’Kerra Hopper, peaceful protester, said.

The crowd made symbolic gestures by throwing their hands in the air when law enforcement passed.

When asked specifically about Lincoln Police, some in the crowd say they’re proud of the local support officers showed at the protest and around the city.

"Police are on our side, we got people together, and we are all unified. It’s a beautiful thing."

The protest lasted from 3 p.m. to 7 Sunday night,

Protesters I spoke with hope small events like these will make a big impact in the future.