Curbstoners Hit Nebraska

The Nebraska State Patrol says curbstoners are operating in Nebraska.  Curbstoners sell lemons or previously salvaged cars.  They often times use fradulent vehicle identification numbers to mask the damage caused by previous owners.   The patrol says curbstoners usually advertise in newspapers, ask you to meet them in public places like a grocery store, use cell phone numbers so you can't track them and sell you a sob story to convince you to buy a car.  The Patrol's auto fraud division spends 50-percent of its time investigating curbstoners.   Even one Nebraska car dealer lost 35-hundred dollars to a curbstoner.   The Nebraska state patrol advises people to have a trusted mechanic look at your car before your purchase and check out the car's vehicle identification number on  If you suspect you've been a victim of auto fraud, contact the Nebraska State Patrol.