Curves location closes unexpectedly

Managers and members of a Lincoln fitness center arrived to find the facility empty with only a note on the door to tell them what happened.  Employees and members of Curves on South 48th Street say they are out of a jobs and for some, close friends.

Ruth Kiehl manages the South Curves and says everyone is in shock.  “They are my family.  To me, you don't do that.   They deserve that courtesy.”

Kiehl says she is making an effort to stay close to the women she has become friends with.  The location served 203 members and they say Kiehl was always there for them, including 11–year–member Marcia Quade.  “She's been great.  She's the first manager we've had in a long time that actually knows what she's doing.  She cares about us and she encourages us.”

The owner, Sue Meis, says she didn't want to close the business, but the economy and lack of membership forced her to do it.  As for the sudden notification, she says it was her only option.  She also says she will reimburse members who paid for a yearly membership.  But according to Kiehl, many paid monthly.

For members who want to continue using Curves facilities, the owner of Lincoln's two north locations is welcoming anyone interested.