Customer Saves The Day

The quick thinking of a brave Walgreen's customer helped put an armed robber behind bars.  

It was business as usual for Walgreens workers and customers, at least for a little while. Witness Stacia Blair says, “I just happened to see this guy ran past me and goes, 'uh, you're being robbed, no seriously, you're being robbed'. And he ran back toward the pharmacy and I just, I was like, what?”

Although he was wearing a ski mask at the time, the man she saw was 50–year old Steven Farber.  Police tell us he was armed with both a knife and a handgun. Once inside witnesses say he ran back to the pharmacy area and jumped over the counter. “when he got over the counter, he's like give me this, give me this, give me this. He wanted the drugs,” Blair says.

Police say that's when a male customer tackled him…holding him down until police arrived. Lincoln Police Captain Jim Davidsaver says “the first officer on the scene assisted taking the suspect into custody and getting him handcuffed.”

Farber was taken to the hospital to be treated for a broken finger. Police tell us he was released on parole in Douglas county just last month for robbery.

Witnesses say the man's quick actions saved the day. “When you have enough people that are going to stand by and not do anything….kudos to him for taking initiative to jump over and tackle him. Because not only did he save the store and no drugs were taken…nobody was hurt,” Blair says.

Steven Farber is facing multiple charges including attempted robbery, use of a weapon, and making terroristic threats.