Cutting Food Costs At The Legacy

Imagine your costs almost doubling from the previous year.

Rising food and gas prices have attributed to this problem for retirement homes in the area.

Places like the Legacy Retirement Community say their overall food costs over the past couple of months have shot up, but with most of their residents on fixed incomes, they're main objective when trying to cut costs was to not increase their rates.

On any given night more than 200 residents pack this dining hall at the Legacy Retirement community, and with 3 different facilities in Lincoln, each year on average they spend more than 3 million dollars to run the kitchen.

But with food costs through the roof, money has been tight.

So the Legacy made some major changes, decreasing their deliveries, buying in bulk, changing up their food, and cutting exclusive deals with companies, in total they've cut costs by more than a $100,000 dollars.

But when you think cutting costs, you'd probably assume cutting quality, but it's actually been quite the opposite. 

Legacy says many residents compare their dining experience to a 5-star restaurant, and by the looks of it the food seems pretty good.

Residents say, dinnertime is something they look forward to, and they can now have their families over to eat as well.

Workers at the Legacy say this has really helped with overall morale of the residents, and really knocked down that stigma that's associated with retirement homes and bad food.

They serve more than 700,000 meals a year, so this is obviously something that just about every resident needs each day.