Cyclists pay tribute to Randy Gibson

Posted by KLKN.

Hundreds of bicyclists crowded outside The Hub Café Sunday morning.  All for one man: Randy Gibson, who just last week was struck and killed by a suspected drunk driver south of Lincoln.

They came to honor Gibson the best way they knew how: a nearly 15 mile ride in his memory.  A tribute to a man who loved cycling.

Gibson’s family said the turnout makes the grieving process better.

"It’s insane," said his daughter, Sofia.  "Like I never thought that the support would be as big as it is.  People are coming from all over the country, like friends we haven’t seen in 20 years.  Teammates of my dad from his pro days down in Arizona.  So, this is just like the most incredible thing."

Gibson’s life not only impacted his family, but friends and fellow bicyclists as well.

"One word, I don’t think, would be enough to describe Randy," said friend and fellow bicyclist Corey Godfrey.  "You know, he was just a really passionate, enthusiastic, loving…"

Godfrey said biking wasn’t Gibson’s passion, but his lifestyle.

A member of the Nebraska BMX Hall of Fame, Gibson started racing as a kid.  Later in life, he competed in national trials.

And he didn’t just ride in competition.

"He rode everywhere," Godfrey said.  "Even when he used to teach out at Southeast Community College in Milford, he would ride out there, teach, and then ride home.  And that was even in the middle of winter."

"Even if there was a day where he couldn’t really go on a large ride, he would even go around the block a few times, just to say that he rode his bike that day," Sofia said.  "It would be in snow, sleet, rain…negative 10 degrees."

They said Sunday’s turnout is a testament to Gibson’s character.

"He was always someone that everyone could count on," Sofia said.  "And so, he supported everyone, showed up to any event that there would be.  So, I feel like everyone’s been paying back to everything he’s done throughout their lives."

The group later held a memorial to Gibson at the Jayne Snyder trail center when everyone returned from the ride.