Dallas Huston to get a new attorney

Dallas Huston, convicted of 2nd degree murder, was appointed a new attorney to represent him.

29-year-old Huston was found guilty by a jury last month in the death of his boyfriend Ryan Johnson.  On Friday, Judge Colborn appointed Huston a new attorney, and scheduled a hearing for April 19th to determine whether he should receive a new trial.  Huston was scheduled to be sentenced March 28th, but that has now been delayed pending the outcome of the April hearing.

In court Thursday, Huston blamed his attorney, Deputy Public Defender John Jorgensen, for his conviction and argued Jorgensen had been ineffective at trial.

Judge John Colborn said he would appoint the Commission on Public Advocacy to represent Huston, not because he had found truth to Huston's claims, but simply because he made the allegations.  Normally, he said, claims like this are handled in an appeal, after sentencing.

Huston faces 20 years to life in prison for the death of his boyfriend, Ryan Johnson, on Sept. 16, 2009.  Huston is accused of killing Johnson by smothering him to death.  He had originally been charged with assisted suicide.