Damaging wind speeds blow through Lincoln

"I heard this huge crash, we had no idea what it was,” Rhonda Lucero, home owner, said. I walked into the bedroom and I saw a pole coming out of my bedroom wall."

A metal rod punctured a second story, bedroom wall in SE Lincoln, Monday.

The pole, hovering just above the bed, used to be attached to a trampoline in the yard.

"I looked outside and I saw our trampoline up against the house, but it was way on the other side of our house this morning," Lucero, said.

Wind speeds reaching around 45 mph, picked up the trampoline, threw it against the house, and stuck the pole into it.

The family says damage isn’t their main concern, they worry about safety.

"What if that would have happened when he was making the bed this morning,” Lucero, said. “That could have been dangerous.”

Winds are responsible for damage in south Lincoln. A light pole snapped and took the power out near 17th and Van Dorn.

"I felt the wind pick up and heard a snapping noise and saw the pole start to fall," Turner Vannatta, Lincoln, said.

LFR and LES were there. People in the area did lose power for a portion of the afternoon.

On the other side of town, high wind speeds caused a fire to spread along 27th and I–80.

Officials say the fire started with a cigarette and spread for about a city block.

High winds are expected to continue into the week.