Dangerous slide defect forces recall, includes Lincoln

Posted By: Sarah Fili


After two children had their fingers amputated on a popular slide, Playworld Systems Inc is working to get them off playgrounds nationwide.

"That’s a good sign but it’s a little too late you know somebody had to get hurt really bad,” Lori Chambers, a grandparent, said.

Lincoln has more than a dozen of them scattered across the city. Lincoln Parks and Recreation is already working on removing them- even though they haven’t had an incident.

"We have three of these metal glide slides, they’re located at, there’s two of them located at hazel able park and one of them located at Bethany Park,” Bill Weddle, Lincoln Parks and Recreation, said.

Playworld is recalling more than one thousand stainless steel slides. They say they were sold to schools and city parks over the last sixteen years.

"We’re doing thorough inspections on all these weekly and so far all is safe and we haven’t seen any type of failure in the welds whatsoever everything is in tact here locally,” Weddle said.

The company says they’ve know of thirteen incidents where the weld broke from the slide, causing a sharp edge. That led, they say, to two children losing fingers. That puts some park visitors on edge.

"Before I let any of my grandkids or my nieces and nephews play on them yes I will definitely look and check them before I let them get up on the slide!" Chambers said.

Lincoln Parks and Recreation will replace its slides. Lincoln Public Schools tell us they have eight or nine on playgrounds- and will get rid of them as well

Officials say all the slides in the city have been inspected and are safe but are being removed and replaced by the company just in case.

Lincoln Public Schools and Lincoln Parks and Recreation expect that these slides will be removed and replaced with plastic ones by the time warm weather rolls around.