Dangers of Homemade Tattoos

More than likely you or someone you know has a tattoo. But do you know more than half of all teenagers don't go to a licensed tattoo parlor. Homemade tattoos are becoming a big trend with teens and young adults because of the cheap cost. It's estimated 16 percent of the population has at least one tattoo. Rochelle Desher has five of them, three of those are homemade. But after
getting her most recent one, she says she'll never get another homemade tattoo again. Rochelle laid on her stomach and got a homemade tattoo in a basement from a man she did not know and from a needle that had not been properly sterilized. She instantly knew something wasn't quite right. After a few days she noticed some bumps on her back didn't get better, in fact they got noticeably worse. A doctor diagnosed her with celulitus, a bacterial infection.

Gary Mayo, a state-licensed tattoo artist here in Lincoln says Rochelle was very lucky she didn't contract Hepatitis C or even AIDS.

To find out if a tattoo parlor or artist is licensed you can call the Lincoln/Lancaster County Health Department or go to www.ci.lincoln.ne.us/city/health   for more information.