Darrion Daniels making instant impact as a Husker football captain

Darrion Daniels didn’t think it would be reality to be named a Nebraska football team captain. However, his teamates said it was a no brainer. 

“It was something you could probably figure out within months of him being there,” sophomore quarterback Adrian Martinez said.

Said senior linebacker Mohamed Barry, “Since the first day he came (into the program), he worked. He didn’t just talk, he worked. He was in the gym, he was in Hawks (Championship Center) running extra sprints. He came here to prove something. I was in Hawks three days in a row [in the offseason], working on footwork, and I [saw] (Darrion Daniels) running sprints. That’s what you want in a leader, you want him to be the hardest worker. He proved it to everyone and earned their respect and now everyone loves to follow him.”

Daniels, a senior grad transfer from Oklahoma State, said it’s an honor to be a captain for this team. 

“Coach Frost doesn’t have many rules, but one of them is do the right thing and that’s something I strive to do every minute of every day. I try to do the right thing, work hard. I try to lead by example and just do what I’m supposed to do and bring as many people along as possible and just for that to be enough for everybody to vote for me, that was huge.”