Day dedicated to Lincoln’s Amateur Hand Radio Club

Lincoln Mayor Chris Beutler declared Monday Amateur Radio Club Day.  It comes after the group stepped into action earlier this month when 911 emergency services were down.

During the outage, the group set up close to 30 stations all around Lincoln to cover the phone problems and the down 911 Call Center.

The group kicked in their Y2K plan that's only been used a handful of times to help.  Reynolds Davis, who is the emergency coordinator, says this was the biggest emergency they've dealt with.  “This one affected multiple counties.  A huge area, from Adams all the way to Cass County and various 911 call centers were without service.  That leaves people in a very vulnerable position.”

Throughout the entire day, around 300 people volunteered their time.  Director of Emergency Management Doug Alberg says they are an invaluable resource and you can't put a price tag on them.

The Ham radio operators also keep an eye on the skies during severe weather.  They helped with the major snow storms we had throughout the winter and many gave up their holidays to help out during the Christmas Day storm.